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Affordable, high-quality private lessons


Amy specializes in teaching beginning singers, and preparing advanced singers for auditions and contests. She loves helping students who always thought they were unable to sing well realize that they are singers. She has helped many who thought they were hopeless cases find their voices. She has also helped many advanced singers

accomplish academic and

professional goals.


Amy specializes in adult beginners, but she will accept young students if they are excited and passionate to play, and are motivated to drive their own learning. She teaches both classical techniques, and chord playing, for a well-rounded, modern education.

Amy specializes in audition preparation, but also enjoys teaching acting theory and history to students of all ages. Acting students learn about theatre history and important theatrical literature, in addition to lessons on mime, body awareness, stage presence, projection... and everything else they need to know to be the best actor they can be. Lessons are tailored to the individual's interests and skill level.


NEW! Amy has recently added the option to combine voice/piano or voice/acting classes.
One 60, or 90-minute lesson is split between
both disciplines.
The 45-minute lesson option is reserved for students under 12.



Four 30-minute lessons


Four 60-minute lessons


Four 90-minute lessons
(Combo, only)


Four 45-minute lessons
(12 and under, combo, only)


About Amy

Amy has over twenty years of performance experience, and has directed a variety of events, including plays and musicals.


She earned her B.A. in vocal performance from Simpson University where she also took theatre classes and ran the drama club. She is a published composer, and has written several one-act plays and musicals.


During quarantine, she started an online community theatre company called Virtual Theatre 2020. She adapted Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice into a full-length musical and produced it with VT2020 at the end of their last season.


Several of her students have gone on to enter highly respected university programs, won contests and scholarships, or have been cast in professional productions, as a result of Amy’s instruction.

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